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Olympic Games - Špotáková won gold medal

Gold medal, fourth, sixth and eighth place, one a new Czech record, it is our balance at the Olympic Games in London.

At the Olympic Games in London won Bára Špotáková javelin and retain the gold medal from Beijing. Vítězslav Veselý took fourth place in the javelin, Lukáš Melich was sixth in the hammer throw, Jan Kudlička took eighth place in the pole vault.  Only 21 old sprinter Paul Maslák finished 12th place and set new Czech record in the 400 m track performance of 44.91 seconds.

Silver and bronze medal from Paris

At the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Paris our athletes won two medals.

Jaroslav Bába won the silver medal in the high hump (234 cm) and Roman Šebrle got the bronze medal in the heptathlon (6178 pt.). Roman Šebrle became the oldest heptathlon medaillist at the Indoor Championships. Jakub Holuša finished the 1500 m race in the fifth place.



Jaroslav Bába exceed 234 cm and won silver medal.

Petr Frydrych second in New York

Petr Frydrych took second place in the race of Diamond league in New York. He send javelin in third attempt to 85,04 meters. Winner Norwegian Thorkildsen threw 87,02 m. Petr is second in javelin in Diamond league with 4 points.  

Jaroslav Bába ended fourth in the high jump, he broke the bar at a height of 227 cm, which is his seasonal best. Michal Balner was seventh in pole vault with 540 cm.

Bára Špotáková won in Rome

Bára Špotáková won masterfully in meeting of Diamond league in Roma. He sent javelin to a distance of 68,66 m, which is her seasonal best. This performance is only 23 cm behind world leader Maria Abakuma.

Bára Špotákáková in the first attempt to throw 56,01 m, the second to improve the 63,01 and took first place in the race. Third attempt was 63,47 m long and fourth, her last, 68,66 m.  

Frydrych second in Oslo

Petr Frydrych finished second place behind the Noerwegian Thorkildsen in the next race of Diamond Legue in Oslo. Petr improved to 85,33 in the fifth round. Winner Thorkildsen sent spear to 86,00 in last round.

Michal Balner finished fourth in the pole vault performance of 560 cm. Young Jakub Holuša finished eleventh time 3:56,75 in "mile of dream".

Excellent entry into the season

After Vadlejch had excellent entry into season other Dukla´s athletes. Bára Špotáková finished in Dauhá in the first race of the Diamond Legue second. Bára improved to 67,33 in the last series. Frydrych finished second in Shaghai and for short time he had seasonal best. Petr hurdled the spear out to 88,23 m in Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava.

Vítězslav Veselý came into the season with 86,45 m from Olomouc. In Shanghai was third (82,95 m). Bára Špotáková ended the Golden Spike second with 62,94. Race wan Slovenian Ratej, which sent the javelin to the distances 64,68 m.

Olympic winner Roman Šebrle don´t finish his firts race  in decathlon in Götzis for injuries. After first day he was eleventh.   

Vadlejch´s excellent entry to the season

Jakub Vadlejch meet the limit for European Athletics Championschips in Barcelona. He threew in the race in Kolín 82,52 m - its his personal best and limit of the Czech Atletics Asociation.

World Indoor Championships Doha 2010

Holuša and Šebrle occupied fifth place, Michal Balner was sixth.

Jakub Holuša occupied fifth place in the 800 m race at the time of 1:47,28. Race won Sudanese Kaki at the time 1:46,23.

Roman Šebrle collected 6024 points and finished in fifth place. His performences were 7,20-749-15,70-209-8,30-480-2:46,55. Heptathlon won Clay with 6204 points.

Michal Balner was sixth in pole vault with 545 cm.

Pavla Rybová stopped in qualifying, which ended 15 with 420 cm. Jarda Bába ended in qualifying too. He jumped only 223 cm and occupied the 11th cut place.

Jarda Bába was 3rd in Stockholm

Jaroslav Baba occupied at the Super Grand Prix meeting in Stockholm third place in high jump. Race won American Williams with 230 cm.

Petr Frydrych finished fifth in javelin. He threw 77,07 m. Norwegian Thorklidsen took first place with 86,85 m.

Bára Špotáková won in Monaco

Bára Špotáková won in javelin on yesterday's meeting Grand Prix in Monaco, when she sent the javelin to a distance 65.37 m. German Stefi Nerius was 2nd with 62,33.  

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